Woodpecker: Red Beret
  • Woodpecker: Red Beret

    Birds are a fitting subject for Sooki's paintings, since she has been known as ”Birdie” to her grandchildren for over 10 years. This painting of a pileated woodpecker is now the back cover art for Ann Patchett's collection of essays ”These Precious Days” which features Ann's story about the time Sooki stayed with her in Nashville at the beginning of the Covid lockdown. The original is acrylic on canvas and signed ”Sooki.”
    • Sizing information

      This painting is available in the original 18”x18” and small 10”x10” size. Please contact us if you are interested in a different size.
    • Material Information

      This painting is available on either canvas or paper. The canvas is professionally printed on Breathing Color Lyve canvas and shipped fully stretched, with black on the outside edges, suitable for immediate hanging or framing. The paper is professionally printed on Moab Entrada Rag Natural 300 paper and is shipped unmounted.
    PriceFrom $90.00